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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Beth's Perspective On.....Teaching Dads!

When my brother called to ask what I was getting Dad for his birthday and fathers day, I had no idea. He said he had gotten a good deal on a Nuvi 250, we could split the cost three ways and make it a joint gift. This sounded good to me since both my sister and I were out of work and lil brother was on verge of layoff. Big Sis got the case and Brother and I split the cost of Ms. Garmin. Now all he had to do was ship it out from Oklahoma to Virginia. This doesn't sound like a big deal, but my brother has a problem with sending stuff out, just runs out of time during the day.

Well she arrived on time for the birthday party. Dad has been saying he would like to get a GPS for all the traveling he does with Mom's business. She manufactures her own line of square dance clothing. The only problem I saw with this is that Mrs. Garmen doesn't know just how big Dad's vehicle is. Dad drives at sixty five feet long, motor home and trailer. I have encountered some roads that we are directed onto that there is no way dad can take them. I wasn't sure I wanted to take my little Toyota on some.

"Oh Boy!!!" says dad as he opened the box. He got a strange look on his face when looking at this little screen in his hands. I then realized he didn't know anything about this strange woman about to embark him on his next trip, which was in only three days. I took her out to the vehicle to charge a while then brought her back to his capable hands. He had no idea. I proceeded to show him the different icons to choose from and how to enter a name of a store, Wal-mart of course, mom could not live without this store, but that is a whole other blog. He said he understood just fine.

The next few days I kept asking if he was using his GPS, the response was, "no I know where I am here at home." Ok dad, but you should have practiced with this woman before hitting the road.

Mom called to say they were using Mrs. Garmin and what " a delight she is, we found Wal-mart parking lot just fine to camp for the night." They often stay overnight at these lots. When they got to the city for their convention, they needed a post office. So Dad looks up post offices within a certain distance from where they are staying, picks one and tells Mrs Garmin to "GO". Mom said they were driving and she lets them know that they are arriving at destination on right. They see a few buildings but no post office, the flag was for the small Fire House. Dad keeps driving while Mrs Garmin recalculates. After a few miles Mom says "just get turned around, we have missed it somewhere." Lo and behold, "arriving at destination on left." Dad slows and sees a little store and the Fire House, but no post office, so he keeps driving while Mrs Garmin recalculates. He sees a woman on the street and asked her where is the post office? Guess what, Mrs Garmin was right, "it's at the Fire House" the woman informs him. So not only does he have to listen to Mrs Garmin recalculating but now he has to listen to Mom.

He has since found that she doesn't like to stop for lunch, or gas, or just to pull off the interstate to stretch a while. But she does get him where he needs to be. One of these days dads will learn to listen to us women, whether in live version or through Mrs Garmin. Happy Fathers Day to all those dads who read this.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Beth's Perspective On ........Teaching The Young'un

Saturday my daughter had to be out of her house due to decorating for a baby shower. Why do they call it a shower,? Nobody took one yesterday. Oh well, back on track here. We decided to go caching so she could learn how to use her new GPS that her grandmother got for her. I had Pippa load seven caches that we had already found in the Giles area that would not endanger a eight-n-half month pregnant woman. We took off and went to the hardest one first, " Come On In Yall", but because of the very tall weeds and grass I did give a small hint. She searched about twenty min. and found it. The expression was priceless, "that's it?"

We went to two others close by and in no time she had found them. I was a little jealous because it took us longer. I can see a slight problem for her though, she doesn't like spider webs. She has a good sense for clues and direction, ha ha, as she followed the little feet on the screen. I think she was even trying to take very little steps to match those on the screen.

OK now she had five under her belt all her own, back in to town for the last two. "This is fun!" she exclaimed, it didn't take long to find those at all. I think that was a jab since I had already told her how long it took us to find them. She had a satisfied smile on her face as we went to the next location. Even though I knew where we were going, I still made her use the system. OK what was the clue here? My response was "look it up, I am not here." That drew a strange look from her and she went back to the truck to get Ms. Garmin. No problem here either, so off to the next. Oh no! road construction, detours, Ms. Garmin was going nuts. The last cache was the one we had set out, "Bidding U Happy Caching." Here we ran into lots of muggles. She stood there at the truck and watched as they walked and drove by, quickly going for it, she grabs and comes back to sign in. "Why would you put it where there are so many muggles", she asked. My response: "that makes it all the more fun, trying to get the cache and not be seen."

Watch Marie's Very Own Music Video (she's gonna kick Pip's kester for this)
All in all she had a full day of caching and a good time, and I got to spend some time with my oldest child. Oh, the shower was fun too. Happy Caching Y'all.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Beth's Perspective On First Event

Our first event! I was psyched. I had a plan that would guarantee us some gold buttons if not silver, but it appears that others had the same plan. There were ten cache points, each with one gold, one silver, and ten bronze buttons.

As people started coming in to register I began to think, oh boy, this is going to be hard. There were about fifty to seventy five people. My plan was to go after the middle caches working up to ten then dropping back to the first set. What I did not expect was that the streets would be listed on the paper. This gave the locals an advantage I believe.

We got our paper at noon and watched the people run to vehicles, jump in and take off. We stopped in a parking lot to enter all the coordinates and took off. I was cursing all the red lights while Pippa was decoding the hints and handling Ms. Garmin.

Our first stop, we are going for the gold baby, oops, there are cachers, damn. Looks like others had the same plan I had, so much for strategy. The excitement of racing through Roanoke Co. was strong and I kept thinking of the reality show, "The Amazing Race." wow what they must feel for that much money on the line and different countries.

We saw some beautiful areas, and some not so beautiful, as Ms. Garmin took us through some rough areas to roads that no longer exist. We saw some areas more than once since we were not savvy on the streets of Roanoke, we did a lot of back tracking. We made it to eight of the ten caches points and collected four bronze buttons in the five hrs. allotted for this race.
When we checked in, we were told this was considered a great feat since we were unfamiliar with the areas.

I insisted on going to one last point which was off the Blue Ridge Parkway. This would have been a much nicer drive if I wasn't racing twenty miles over the speed limit and trying to pass every car we happened upon. We found this cache but it was empty. Pippa was worried that we would not get checked back in on time, and I the adventurous fast driving person I am, told her not to fret, we would be there in time. We got back with only three minutes to spare, that was a little close, but we were able to turn in our find.

We won nothing but had a great experience and met new people. Got to see new areas and just have a great day for only $48, gas and food. Oh, and I got a Pirate Bandanna which will be my new geocaching fashion accessory. Looking forward to the next event.

On the way home, Pip got to see her first double rainbow. Interesting enough, my sister, Mary Dee also saw one in Harrisonburg, VA. It was a really cool day.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

GeoCaching is Cool

Think back to scavenger hunts of your youth. Who hasn't wanted to have a map to a hidden treasure? This is GeoCaching. A hobby that can be rather inexpensive after initial set up. For more information about this high tech "sport", check out

I (Pip) was introduced to this activity by my friend twistedmystic. And trust me, he is one twisted guy, but I've grown rather fond of his picture texts, so I keep him around.

Beth willingly comes along for the fun. I send her into the scary places (frigid waters, snake infested areas, etc) She's very handy to have around. She carries a big knife. And frankly, nobody is going to mess with her. She also logs our finds, keeps notes and generally keeps me from having to get dirty - which I hate. Oh, and she's an excellent driver.

So to start this hobby, we purchased a Garmin Nuvi 500 before leaving Virginia for a trip to Tucker, Georgia. We found our first cache there on a rainy, cold day. We were hooked at that point.

Now Ms. Garmin, as we fondly call her, is a tad bit of a bitch. She's one of those GPS thingies that people purchase when they travel around a great deal. Her voice is rather annoying, especially when she is recalculating. We got her for the main purpose of geocaching, but she sure came in handy a few times while we were on the road, so we try not to talk bad about her anymore.

Besides allowing us to find hidden treasure, she and Beth got me to a nurse practitioner for acute tonsillitis the morning after our geocaching in the rain. She also found us a really cool restaurant in Midtown Atlanta where we had some awesome spinach dip and the best steak ever!

This was a mini adventure, secondary to geocaching. Sometimes the funnest part about a day of geocaching is the other stuff that happens along the way.

Ms. Garmin (with Beth's help) took it upon herself to take us a scenic route from Tucker, into Decatur and finally ending up in Midtown. Which was cool, as we had a few hours to kill before the Atlanta Thrashers took to the ice against Ottawha. (My first live professional hockey game ever, Beth has however, followed hockey since before God made dirt.) I don't remember the score, but I could turn into a real hockey fan, its cool.

We passed through some pretty fancy neighborhoods. I had a vague memory of this area from my Chiropractic College Daze (we won't discuss that here). I'm not sure what happened exactly on this trip either, as I was struggling to treat my tonsillitis with some sticky, numbing, slimy goo that I had to put on my swollen/germy tonsils. Beth was in charge of Ms. Garmin and some how, between the two of them, we ended up at Cow Tippers. I think I might have been running a fever too. Beth says it was a nice drive, I have to believe her, as no other witnesses were present.

Here is a few shots of that miserably cold, wet and yet extremely fun day of Geocaching in Tucker, Georgia:

So, our friends and family might want to know what we are doing when we pile ourselves into Beth's Toyota Tacoma and disappear for an entire day...or week...or two. We'll share most of that here, as fit for public consumption.