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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Anticipation Is Part of The Fun

I (Pip) have a professional training course coming up this next week in St. John's, US Virgin Islands. Sounds just awful, doesn't it? I'm staying at a really nice resort, the Florian Villa, doing lots of Yoga and hopefully doing a little geocaching.

Admittedly, I'm a little nervous, as my geocaching partner will be staying behind, tending to the farm animals and my obnoxious cats. Sigh. I've never been caching without her. But I'm told that the Virgin Islands have no snakes, so I'm not going to need her big knife...but still, solo caching doesn't sound as fun.

While I've not yet packed, I have checked out the listings for caches in the area. I've downloaded a couple to Ms. Garmin. One that I'm particulary interested in is at Cruz Bay. Fellow Geocacher, Kimchi, took this amazing photo, and I want to see this area...

There is also a geocache at Maho Bay, that was just hidden, and no one has logged a find as of yet. This would be so cool to be TFTF (The First to Find), but I imagine that a local will get to it before I will, but I can still hope.

I'll upload photos of the trip, and keep ya'll posted. While I'm away, Beth is headed back to a couple of local caches we were unable to locate.

Do something fun...for us, weekends are made for Geocaching.....

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