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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Life Is Good

We received the ultimate compliment in the past two days. Several of our readers have decided to give this geocaching thing a try. That's super cool. When you find a good thing, you want to share it and it is always a nice plus when the people you're pushing it on are actually interested!

Seems if we didn't scare Marie off, and that she is still asking for a GPS for her birthday, although, she does not want to wait until November to get it. From what I understand, if she really likes a birthday gift, she won't stop playing with it...wonder if she remembers how much she loved her Barbie Ride-On Car....her mother does, I've now heard the story. I'm certain that Marie will ditch the flip flops for more sensible caching footwear, now that she bad, I suppose.

On Memorial Day I got a surprise call from my sister, Beverly Dawn. Apparently they recently have gone out and bought a GPS. Her and hubby, Craig, were on their way to their first cache when she called. Again, super cool.

Now these folks need cool caching names. Wonder what they will choose? 'Tis all so exciting.

We kinda stumbled into DragonOx. It's our Chinese symbols...I'm the dragon, she's the ox, and yes the traits really do match us perfectly. And its cool. It's the year of the Ox, in case you didn't know....and I think Beth is pleased with how her year is going...especially when she got called back to work if we just hit the lottery tonight....things would be SWEET! I haven't checked out the caches in Richmond, but I sure will if we have to make a road trip there to collect our winnings.

I've been working on our pathtag.

Here is a rough draft...I can see this developing into a tattoo...only with the Tao symbol worked in...

Oh my, I feel inspired...hey, maybe I'll videograph our getting our geocache tattoos and upload it here...using ChiroWork's new Flip Camcorder...

Oh ya, that's it, the tats will be a blogging project. Research. Hmm...That's It. Sounds like a plan.

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