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Friday, May 15, 2009

Our First GeoCaching Event is Forthcoming!

As I said before, anticipation is a big part of this hobby. Planning, researching, strategizing....

Well tomorrow we are attending our very first Geocaching Event sponsored by Roanoke County's Parks and Recreation, Amazing County Treasure Hunt Caching in on Scenery Event.

The event begins at noon, when we are given the coordinates to 10 scenic or historic sites in Roanoke County Virginia.

Apparently there will be caches with colored coins of a specific value at each site, the goal being to be the first team with the highest value of coins to check in at the event's close.

I'm ready. Beth has her big knife. Ms. Garmin is charged. We'll take water and snacks. We also have a strategy, designed by Beth, which we'll not reveal here at this time.

And hopefully we'll kick some geobutts. We are going up against some highly experienced cachers...some have logged several hundred finds, one guy, moose something has over 2400. Beth and I just have 8...but we have enthusiasm!

I'll let you know how it goes. And did I mention it was free? That fits into our budget nicely.

Remember...weekends are for geocaching.

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