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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Beth's Perspective On ........Teaching The Young'un

Saturday my daughter had to be out of her house due to decorating for a baby shower. Why do they call it a shower,? Nobody took one yesterday. Oh well, back on track here. We decided to go caching so she could learn how to use her new GPS that her grandmother got for her. I had Pippa load seven caches that we had already found in the Giles area that would not endanger a eight-n-half month pregnant woman. We took off and went to the hardest one first, " Come On In Yall", but because of the very tall weeds and grass I did give a small hint. She searched about twenty min. and found it. The expression was priceless, "that's it?"

We went to two others close by and in no time she had found them. I was a little jealous because it took us longer. I can see a slight problem for her though, she doesn't like spider webs. She has a good sense for clues and direction, ha ha, as she followed the little feet on the screen. I think she was even trying to take very little steps to match those on the screen.

OK now she had five under her belt all her own, back in to town for the last two. "This is fun!" she exclaimed, it didn't take long to find those at all. I think that was a jab since I had already told her how long it took us to find them. She had a satisfied smile on her face as we went to the next location. Even though I knew where we were going, I still made her use the system. OK what was the clue here? My response was "look it up, I am not here." That drew a strange look from her and she went back to the truck to get Ms. Garmin. No problem here either, so off to the next. Oh no! road construction, detours, Ms. Garmin was going nuts. The last cache was the one we had set out, "Bidding U Happy Caching." Here we ran into lots of muggles. She stood there at the truck and watched as they walked and drove by, quickly going for it, she grabs and comes back to sign in. "Why would you put it where there are so many muggles", she asked. My response: "that makes it all the more fun, trying to get the cache and not be seen."

Watch Marie's Very Own Music Video (she's gonna kick Pip's kester for this)

All in all she had a full day of caching and a good time, and I got to spend some time with my oldest child. Oh, the shower was fun too. Happy Caching Y'all.

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