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Thursday, June 4, 2009

First Cache Placed

Creating a geocache to hide is pretty cool too. We needed something we already owned due to budget constraints. Wanted a micro, but large enough that we could leave a little token of appreciation to The First To Find (TFTF) cacher. After a little work, Bidding U Happy Caching, was born.

Location was important...someplace different, but interesting, accessible to maintenance.

Then there's all the rules...........Caches cannot be placed in National Forests or on Wildlife Reserves, may not be buried, cannot deface public or private property, cannot cause excessive traffic, cannot be placed close to railroad tracks or military installations, or places subject to terrorist attacks.......whew, maybe I am glad I live in a small town in the middle of no where.

We settled on a broken key chain flashlight we had for the container. Beth got out her big tools to dismantle it. I found one of those fake million dollar bills for the first to find token of appreciation, printed a log sheet and I was ready to hide. Of course, by the time we finished putting it together it was almost dark. I wanted to go hide it right then, but Beth made me wait til the next day. Sometimes she's just too practical!

Our first selection for a hiding place ended up a little deep and could have been easily lost into an abyss, so we went with our second choice. It's actually visible from the sidewalk, but you have to look. We think it will be a pretty easy park and grab cache, but there is a couple of catches to make it interesting.

First of all, the parking lot is not found by most navigation devices. Its in the downtown, so there are back sides to the buildings, and we share the parking lot with uniformed muggles.

We had to wait several days for our cache to be reviewed by the powers to be at, but finally its up and running. Hoping the first finder gets out this weekend so we can get some feedback on it.

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