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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June Housekeeping

We are new to both blogging and geocaching. We are learning as we go....and we are dragging folks along with us (some against their will).
We know you are reading. We can see you....well, not you exactly. We have a stat counter that tells us if anyone checks out the blog. You've been counted. Thanks for tuning in.

Actually, we have several folks reading us that have never read a blog before. That's cool. And a good number reading us that have never geocached and probably never will. That's cool too.

So I thought I'd share a few things with the newbies...those that feel obligated to our make your experience more enjoyable.

First, we welcome questions, comments and snide remarks. Note that each post has a quickie reaction option where you can give us feedback as to whether a post was interesting, funny, cool and yes, even stupid. Or if you're not into quickies, you can leave an actual comment. Post questions here too. Is there some aspect of geocaching you'd like us to address?

Also, if you sign up for Blogger and choose to follow this blog that improves our stats. As our stats improve, more folks check us out. As more folks read and comment, better blogging. Its a wonderful "thang" please get involved. There is a small link on the left. Heck, if you like, you can even rate this blog.

And a word about our advertising links. I use them to add variety to the site and keep it fresh looking. But I chose those that I suspect could be of interest or assistance to our readers. If you choose to check them out, that's your business...but we'd appreciate it if you would take a look from time to time.

One of our Link Partners, EDUN is giving away $300. Entry is as easy as clicking on this link and creating a login. Now I don't know a single person who can't use an extra $300, so I'm supplying the link. Its my duty to share the love. Win a $300 Gift Certificate to EDUN!

I've created tags or labels for each post. So if you want to see only the posts about a certain topic, you can click on it...its computer magic. For example, want to read only about Daisy, she's a tag. Want to read only posts written by Beth (purely hypothetical example), she's been tagged too.

There are and will be videos for your viewing pleasure. I'm working on music, that's a bit of a challenge that I'm still enjoying.

Hope you enjoy the blog as much as we enjoy doing it.



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