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Thursday, June 25, 2009


I wanted to get really good at doing html so I could add music to the site. Well that takes more time and patience than I have at the moment, so I'm settling for Amazon's MP3 widget. I've selected tunes that we actually listen to when we go out on a find. Hope you enjoy them while you're reading our latest ramblings.

Creedence happens to be a top selection for multiple finds as it doesn't matter how many times the CD repeats as we get in and out of the Tacoma.

U2 and Talking Heads speak for themselves. And there is a fun little ditty specifically about geocaching. Our top ten, I guess you could say.

If you think of some other good tunes, let us know.



  1. hi great blog, I just found it today, was wondering if you are still blogging? I don't see anything past June 2009

  2. Yeah, a fractured foot on one of the gals put the hobby on hold. But we're back at it this summer and look for more cool caching coming soon!